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Thursday, 8 June 2017

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Saturday, 30 April 2016


Something I enjoy is coming across different hijab materials that are super beneficial for different climates, and styles. Chiffons hijab are one I have looked into some time ago and then I came across them again from Voile Chic a Canadian based company (thank the lord) their material is different than your average chiffon, its a polyester chiffon. For one it is not slippery (once more, thank the lord) this is everything for a hijabi(a women who follows the faith of islam, and wears hijab) because the more cooperative the material, the more comfortable the individual is thats wearing it, and the more styles she can create :)

Style #1

Is a super casual and comfy style, it goes with every look/occasion in my opinion. It's a simple wrap around with a few adjustments here or there. The way I do it allows for lovely drapes align the centre, when I feel like it, or a neat straight structure.

Style #2

A clean, simplistic, yet put together style for everyday. It drapes so beautifully and gives great chest coverage as well.

Style #3

The simple wrap around, and neat edge it gives off is really aesthetic in my opinion. I actually wore it today hah, when you don't even want to attempt putting effort, this is a super easy one, and must for minimalists who love a nice classy and neat look without all the fuss.

For all the styles I used:
- Chiffon Hijab in Nude Pink via Volie Chic. You can get it here: Click
- Jersey Fitted Bonnet (ninja under piece/under scarf) Rabia Z collection in Black via Modanisa. You can get it here: Click

The chiffon hijab is nice and light, wears easy, and great quality. Most importantly it isn't slippery! I have never come across a chiffon hijab that had this unique and key quality to it. I feel the material is key to helping you look put together without much effort. The line of chiffon hijabs are my current go to's. 

The Ninja under-scarf  is so light, breezy, and adjusts to your face shape. I personally adjust it how I like and seal it with a no snag hijab pin. When I first got it I thought it was made weird, but it actually can adjust to different face shapes from your own personal touch which is really handy I say. it covers just fine to me. 

Thank for reading!

#TOPIC | Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Self-Acceptance!

These topics are very important, and are very worthy of being addressed. I've wanted to talk about this for sometime. Reflecting back on myself some years ago I didn't realize "self love" was something I needed. And now fast forward some years, I speak to individuals on a daily basis or I'm even able to observe their body language, behaviour, or habitual words or remarks they make about themselves repetitively, or obsessing over what someone else's is or has. It's one of my pet peeves when people don't appreciate themselves. I can't take to hear someone downing themselves or rip themselves up. I've realized its habitual and they aren't concious of what they are doing either. It's best to be the positive person, even though it is awkward to hear.

Especially knowing that I know better so it's best to do and act better. --One of my fav reminders actually.

Knowing there is a positive side, and being as content and happy I am now with myself is proof it's possible for you too! ❤️

Three different important topics were addressed in this video. Such as: self love, self acceptance, and self confidence. I could go in depth about these matters(I really would like to) but this post would perhaps be a few pages long.

With that being said I will end it with. Love every bit of who you are, what you look like, and aspire for who you hope to be. Accept yourself as a whole. If this is new for you. Practise it, the goal is absolutely achievable, trust me😊.

Thank you for reading! 

Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Easy Everyday Hijab Style | 2 WAYS

It has been some time since I posted a video. So I chose to upload my everyday hijab style and how I style it in two different ways. Here I am using a Jersey Hijab from the colour is in charcoal grey. And this is just a simple drapey casual everyday style. It's really quite effortless, and so simple which is why I chose to share this with you ladies. Keep an eye out for more videos as I am posting now! Thank you for your support and come back to my blog again soon.

Much Love,